Sunday, December 29, 2013

6 Months Sure Goes Fast!

Howdy all pups!

My how the time does fly J Let me update you summary style on what we’ve been up to, then you can check out the pics!

·        Dad’s snake bite is healed up and looking good. Scarring and numbness remain, but the nerves can take a year or more to regenerate. Thank you all for the good healing thoughts sent our way!

·        Mum and Dad left me for a cruise to Alaska. They were going on and on about all the cool and wonderful stuff they saw and experienced. Can’t believe they left me when salmon fishing was one of the activities! They took too many photos of course, but see below for some of the highlights.

·        We had some great visitors in October that really know how to treat a pup to a good time!! I got treats everyday and plenty of food from the dinner table! I couldn’t believe it…those guests left too soon!

·        Thanksgiving was spent at the ranch up in DFW. I chased my mule cousin Fiona and all other animals that we came upon when exploring the property. I just wish the dang stickers didn’t grow like wildfire up there…my super Airedale furs seemed to attract all the stickers the moment I walked outside!

·        Mum and Dad have erected a tree in the house and have barricaded it with chairs and some boxes wrapped in paper…too bad my super ‘Dale nose sniffed out that one of the gifts was wrapped with a paper sack that was a grocery bag in it’s previous life. I may have spoiled one of Dad’s presents. Oops! We've also been preparing for Christmas with some cookie making...I'm the official quality assurance tester. Yum!


snuggled in for a long winter's night



this is my contribution to painting the living was a tough job


Mum's sister and my frenchie cousin that came to help paint






we wish everyone a happy and wonderful new year. CHEERS TO 2014!!

Monday, June 3, 2013

Public Advisory...

Howdy dear 4 & 2 leggie friends!

I’m writing today to send out a general PSA, it’s the end of spring-time and the dastardly, slithery, hissy fellows are fully thawed out and ready for action! I’m talking snake season!

Please be on the lookout on your morning and evening walks, and when your pinkies go rummaging in their cool and dark garages. Snakes are mostly silent and will always see you before you see them!

Unfortunately my dad learned that lesson last weekend. He was puttering around in the garage, something about switching out the rubber gasket on the bottom of the garage door and he reached his finger up to pull the rubber off when something darted out and bit his finger!! Turns out it was a venomous snake, a copperhead (commonly found in Texas). Well that made dad very mad and he killed that snake dead. Lucky for the snake I was at the pet resort, or I would have given it the what-for as well!! (actually mum would have held me back and refused to let me be part of the action)



Mum says she stuffed dad in the car and sped away to a hospital where they administered anti-venon substances and kept him there for 2 nights and 3 days…it was a looooonnng time.
It turns out the doctors and the nurses did a great job and all the prayers friends and family sent us worked and dad came home and slept/laid about for a few days while mum fussed over him. I personally believe he got even MORE healthy the moment my snout rested on his arm and he patted my handsome head.


So, in summation, keep your super eyes peeled for the snakes and enjoy the summer safely!!!


Dad is doing great, going to wound care therapy and slowly growing new skin over the damaged parts. 


Tuesday, May 28, 2013

Some pictures...

Howdy All!
Just some pics to while the time away...hope you all are enjoying the ramp up to summer!!


Car show on Congress Ave in Austin!
I thought I would look marvelous in this beauty!


Dad liked this red looks fast!


Mum got to judge a senior's dog parade at cool is that!?
This blonde lady one "Queen of the Senior Center" for a year!!


This little guy showed up at work for 3 days in a row...mum called him Bob, but his new home now calls him Emilio. He was fun to have around...if unproductive.



We all went on a long walkie to the Austin Greenbelt..I was very thirsty afterward!



Watching over this year's garden...hope something grows!



Aunt Jennie loves my's a "nose shot" just for her :)


Mum was getting artsy...


another picture???


Stop taking pictures!! 


ok, fine...I'm smiling for you.


Artsy ending

It finally hit 90* here in Austin this week. Mum and dad promptly sat me down and shaved and shampooed me. Summer cut in place, I’m ready to take on the world!

Take care every pup.


Wednesday, March 20, 2013

What have we been up to??

Howdy puppy friends!
Mum is finally corralling the photos around here and posting them…we just wanted to drop by and show you what we’ve been up to lately.

Good eating…at our favorite pizza place Homeslice Pizza on S. Congress. YUMMY!



A bit of carpentry, dad made a bed frame for their new natural latex mattress (also very comfy once we added the appropriate padding). Mum’s favorite part are the hairpin legs from etsy.



We also got a present in the mail!!! Mum’s Christmas present from her thoughtful sister finally arrived…I give it 2 paws up! They are bookends, and are really awesome!


We also traveled back in time…with a kitchenaid grinder…and became one with dad’s Italian heritage and made some sausage to be hung and dried and enjoyed in 2013. We are crossing our paws that they turn out good and don’t spoil!



Also, mum wants to point out that she and her sister enjoyed this bottle very much! (don’t worry, I supervised them the whole time)


Well folks, besides work and the occasional visit from friends and family that is what we’ve been up to. Have a great week as we head in to the new month!

Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 Resolutions...and a January Birthday!

As promised I’ve devised some resolutions if you will for this new year. Nothing groundbreaking or unattainable, but I hope to keep them going throughout the year…and not end in February :)

Let’s get to it shall we?
1   1.       Chew on healthier things…as in an Elk Antler from here. Review: it’s pretty tasty, but also very hard so mums only lets me chew it when she is home. I give it a good go whenever I have access to it!!
2.       Go on more walkies!! (this is more me motivating mum/dad to take me out) I like to see what the neighborhood is up to and make sure everyone knows I have been there :)
3.       Eat better. I’m eating the Blue “wilderness” version of kibble…I really like it!
4.       Be more social. As in socially “refined” as mum says. Apparently I lunge at the short squealy humans that like to run around. And to not bark at the front door when someone approaches, walks by, etc.
5.       Be less stinky…what? Hey!! Mum stop your butting in and taking over my list!!! (well, you are stinky!)

Also, we celebrated my dad’s birthday in January, he’s “an old man” now and so we only do one candle these days :)


Why yes, that is me within biting distance of the almond tart...


...and Mum's birthday in February! Dad did not bake a delicious cake/pie/dessert for mum so she held the obligatory candle whilst we sang to her!! (I think he needs to up the ante next year and get his hands floury)


Take care every pup!

Thursday, January 10, 2013

January is a Clean Slate...

Howdy furry friends! Happy New Year to you all!

I’m so glad my pinkies came home safe and noticabley fluffier from NYC…I will have to get them on the treadmill or something! My luxurious stay with “the best neighbor ever” was ended and I was shuffled back to my humble abode…with a note apparently b/c my mum and dad were mortified to find out that in my exuberance next door I had broken a potted plant, played with stray flashlights, and possibly ‘nibbled’ on some plastic that was laying about. 

Mum and dad immediately started calling me “Wally the Destroyer” and told me I better go apologize to Lisa straight away. I tried to tell them that the pot was really an accident, I was playing tag with Fenway (pretty “girl” next door) and then the flashlights were because I was patrolling the house for intruders and needed to see better. The plastic…well, no comment. It all ended well and Lisa the neighbor still loves me and wants me to come visit her soon :)

I ask you, do I look like a "destroyer"????


While mum and dad were detoxing from the holiday excess (hello green smoothies!) I helped mum take down all the Christmas decorations and did a lot of napping in general. New Year’s Eve was spent much like this:


There was a brief look at the ball drop and then the two pinkies crawled into bed. Very little fanfare was mustered for 2013.

I hope you all had a great time over the winter holidays, I’ll leave you all with a promise to discuss my resolutions for this year and a parting shot of me and my elk antler that mum gave me for Christmas. Yum!!



Until next time....

Putting up the yule...

Just some drop in pix to document the Christmas cheer happening here. This was the 1st weekend in December after the pinkies returned from a quick camping trip with some friends. Mum was exhausted but powered through and got most of the decorations up. I was present to supervise of course. Things just aren’t level and balanced without my inspection skills.


Plus, she almost didn't put up the most important ornaments...mine!!

Mum got a wild hair and said that since she was not buying any new decorations this year, she was all resolved to use the ones from last year until she looked in a magazine and saw these yarn pom poms on a tree…next thing you know they appeared on our tree and the floor was covered in yarn bits and pieces from her pom production. We are going for the “hand made” look this year I suppose. Mum loves it, we boys are indifferent…this did not stop her from telling me to pose in front of her creation.


wait, what?? My tongue is too long?? Is this better?


I'm catching flies?? How about this?



From our family to yours, we wish you the merriest Christmas and a happy and prosperous New Year!!!