Sunday, July 3, 2011

my homecoming anniversary!

today is my coming home anniversary!!  three years ago my mum arranged with the airedale rescue in dallas to meet up in waco and deliver me to her.  that's exactly what happened!  i jumped in mum's green machine truck and sped away home to austin to my new home.

wally face

my first profile shot...kinda.

honestly, at first i was a little scared and subdued...i didn't really know these people.  of course i loved mum as soon as she loved on me (which she did a lot) and eventually i stopped shying away from dad after a few months.  i was just really suspicious of men in the beginning. (we'll never know why until dogs start talking...)
i'm so happy to be here, and i love playing fetch and tug of war and love getting all my treats :)



so keep looking up rescue and shelter pups when you are looking for a furry friend!

happy 4th of July!!!