Sunday, May 16, 2010

Some Landscape Architects Live Here...

Wally's pinkies here...taking over for a moment to show off our MAD SKILLS!!! we took the weekend to create phase I of the front yard landscape. (for those of you that don't know, we are both landscape architects and we tossed a coin to see who gets to design the front and back yards...i got the back :) i digress.
we attacked the front planting bed with shovels, a chainsaw, and brooms and all manner of hand trowels. we ripped out some burford hollies from the 80's and did some serious soil amending (central tx sits on a gnarly clay pan).
Ben wheeled and dealed earlier in the week for some heavy guage steel pipe in differing heights to serve as planting "pots". boy were they heavy!


after a round of rolling them to different spots in the planting bed to determine the perfect location...we set them and filled them with soil.
to keep out the weeds and serve as general eye candy we got a yard of small granite gravel (the said yard just barely made it home from the f150 was the little truck that could..) we spread that all around (back breaking work) and then started placing the limestone boulders that Ben liberated from a job site earlier in the month...perks of working outside :)

rock raking

airedale supervision

on the final day of working on phase I, and under the supervision of one Wally the airedale, we began installing the plant material consisting of cacti and other drought hearty species of plants.

plant install

if you are familiar with the landscape of el paso our planting bed will bring back memories.

the steel pots

i think overall our planting bed is a great success, our neighbors have all come over and given it their stamp of approval. they also want to know if we can do their houses. (wait until they see our fee!!!)
so hope you like the pics, Wally stayed out on his line with us for the whole day, chewing on the planting pots we pulled off (one of his favorite past times) and in general surveying the entire sweaty business of our endeavor.

i don't do yard work

his comment for the weekend..."I don't do yard work."

Wednesday, May 5, 2010

big frank

well, the 14 day saga of my dad and his horse accident has declined from defcon 2 to probably a 4 (at least i think that's the right way...). my dad is at home finally after a grueling 2 weeks in the hospital. thank goodness. he is able to sit up for periods of time and uses a walker to get around because he is not allowed to put weight on his right leg. he's perfecting the "walker shuffle".
2010 is going to be pretty tough, your encouraging words and thoughts will always be welcome.
thanks for all your visits to the hospital and the well wishes over the phone. i will keep you all updated on his progress.

wally says 'WOOF' get better big frank!!!