Wednesday, August 17, 2011

Down to San Antonio...

hey there folks!
just thought you might like to see some pics of my curly gorgeousness...oh and mum says some peeps have been asking her for pics of the wedding she and the old man went to recently...but really i think they just want more pics of me :)
that's right, i was abandoned once again while the pinkies went and partied down in san antonio...luckily i stayed with my favorite dog watcher of all, our neighbor, or as i know her "fenway's mom".  she's the best!  she lets me sleep on her huge sectional couch and i get to lay around on her wood floors all day.  anyway, see below for some pics of the pinky trip...








after mum and dad came back, we watched my bestie gurlfriend Mia.  we love each other and get along SO well.  she's feisty and likes to taunt me, so i play along.  while i can literally walk over her while she's standing, she is the boss when she visits.  i still don't know how that happened, but dad says that's just the way it is.



hope all of you are doing well, stay inside and keep cool in this crazy heatwave.
i'll bark at you later :)

Tuesday, August 9, 2011

up to Boston

oh friends, we had a weather respite in early June this year...we took ourselves to Boston, Mass. for a 6 day vacation with some friends. upper 60* weather, sunny gorgeous days allowed us to see the sights and tool around the east coast. it was perfect.
except that we had to leave the Wall-ster at home. boo. oh, and traveling all day is not really that exciting or fun, just ask the extremely loud and smelly 4 yr old that sat next to us on our flight from boston to dallas.
anyway, we left wally in the careful hands of a good friend and jetted up to boston and met up with our good friends from louisiana for a well earned vacay. we toured around and ate our way through the city the best we could and had a great time.
if any of you are going we had a heck of a great hotel that we got thru hotwire and we highly recommend it. the sheraton at prudential square. here is the view from our room...outrageous.


and right next door to the T station to boot! AND a legal's seafood crab cakes EVER!!
ben agrees...


we drove down to cape cod and strolled around provincetown on the very tip of the island and had some incredible lobster and clam chowder at the 'Lobster Bot' which we highly recommend. and also spent some time on the beach. of course, we also visited the national park that is located on cape cod and ben and i got our mandatory nps sticker and christmas ornament which is our m.o. for all national parks we visit. seriously, our christmas tree is more nps ornaments than anything...and we love it that way!


back in the city we saw the aquarium, the museum of fine art and got to see a chihuly exhibit (more on that later) and we walked the freedom trail and saw paul revere's house. we also made it across the river to MIT and harvard/cambridge area. and we took a side trip out to salem as well. we walked the serene landscape of mt. auburn cemetery...gorgeous. and tested out the italian fare in the north end. all in all, it was a great trip and we could not have asked for a better time, weather, hotel, and friends to enjoy it all with. below are a few more pics of our adventure.  too bad the curly snout (also known as Wally, could not join us in the fun).






chihuly exhibit