Monday, June 3, 2013

Public Advisory...

Howdy dear 4 & 2 leggie friends!

I’m writing today to send out a general PSA, it’s the end of spring-time and the dastardly, slithery, hissy fellows are fully thawed out and ready for action! I’m talking snake season!

Please be on the lookout on your morning and evening walks, and when your pinkies go rummaging in their cool and dark garages. Snakes are mostly silent and will always see you before you see them!

Unfortunately my dad learned that lesson last weekend. He was puttering around in the garage, something about switching out the rubber gasket on the bottom of the garage door and he reached his finger up to pull the rubber off when something darted out and bit his finger!! Turns out it was a venomous snake, a copperhead (commonly found in Texas). Well that made dad very mad and he killed that snake dead. Lucky for the snake I was at the pet resort, or I would have given it the what-for as well!! (actually mum would have held me back and refused to let me be part of the action)



Mum says she stuffed dad in the car and sped away to a hospital where they administered anti-venon substances and kept him there for 2 nights and 3 days…it was a looooonnng time.
It turns out the doctors and the nurses did a great job and all the prayers friends and family sent us worked and dad came home and slept/laid about for a few days while mum fussed over him. I personally believe he got even MORE healthy the moment my snout rested on his arm and he patted my handsome head.


So, in summation, keep your super eyes peeled for the snakes and enjoy the summer safely!!!


Dad is doing great, going to wound care therapy and slowly growing new skin over the damaged parts.