Sunday, September 4, 2011

goodnight irene...

you'll never guess what my pinkies did...THEY LEFT ME AGAIN!!!  i'm beginning to think it's me, do i smell? (yes) i really don't understand how they could abandon me when i give the "sweet eyes" look and a big old head in the lap.


who could resist?!?!?
anyway, off they went to the east coast again to D.C. and Baltimore with an evening in Annapolis.  i will let mum take it from here.
yes, if it sounds patriotic, it was.  Ben and i are now 110% American!!  we saw our nation's capitol by foot...oh, some sore and swollen feet...and we perused the big 3: The Constitution, The Declaration of Independence, and the Bill of Rights.  oh so American are we!!!  it was truly great to actually see those documents as well as all the national memorials and monuments.




AND i finally got to see in person the Abe Lincoln memorial, it was thrilling!  (some of you may know that he and i share a particularly fabulous birthday in february!)






we went on our trip to see a dear friend of mine tie the knot at the naval academy. while there, we got to hang out and catch up with other friends from LCHS days as well. it's amazing how after 13 years we can all laugh and talk like we were in the Daws Hill library before class started. so much fun to see everyone and we should not wait that long to see each other anymore! (note: lest you think i'm a horrible person, i have seen and been in contact with the bride and other friends during these last 13 years...i'm not that bad of a friend!!) sheesh!!



the wedding was beautiful and we enjoyed the reception...all the while hurricane Irene was blowing and raining outside!!  yes, folks Ben and i have crossed off "waited out a hurricane" from the list (his list...mine did not have that line item on it!) the wind blew pretty hard and the rain was coming in sideways, but really, i feel like i've been in worse conditions. just my opinion.  we decided to wait out the storm at the hotel where everyone was staying, keeping the after party alive of course!  the after party was out on the hotel porch through most of the night/early morning...possibly with some adult beverages and really we were not bothered or hindered by the storm.
we also spent a limited amount of time in Baltimore.  of course we visited the market and some historic sites.  we also dined in the little italy part of town and it was great!  found the best italian pastries and had a great time discovering the city.  Baltimore did get hit with some wind damage, lots of large trees blew down and there was debris all over.

annapolis sandbags

irene damage


bocce court little italy b-more

bocce ball court in little italy, baltimore...ben was enamored!



so, all in all we had a great time with old friends and it was just great to take an end of summer breather.
i'll leave you all with some gratuitous pics of our main man...Wally!


take care and have a wonderful safe labor day weekend!