Sunday, January 8, 2012

Happy New Year!

Well friends, it's 9 days into 2012 and my pinkies have already started and nearly finished a home improvement project...much to my chagrin. In my experience, home improv. projects almost always lead to a lack of focus on what's really important...ME!


It all started with some holiday time off, changed New Year's plans, and a brilliant idea by mum..."let's get rid of that nasty tile in our bathroom tub!" she says to her beloved handyman. What follows is 5 days of ripping out old tile and walls, roughing in new walls and water connections, some leaks, some cuts on the knuckle, LOTS of dust, a weird smell (that is still here), and generally lots of sweat on the part of the handy husband.








oh, and of course, my supervision over all construction. I'm very vocal on all drilling techniques, saws-all usage and shop vac procedure.



Mum spent the time as dad's "gopher" and general assistant...when she wasn't reading some new fangled thing she carries around called a kindle. (what can i say, when i start a book, i can't focus on anything else!) 
She also graciously carted my curly snout around to the best dog park ever all weekend. We had unseasonably warm weather...almost 80* one day so I worked up quite the stink. I know my pinkies still love me, wet dog smell and all :)
Stay tuned for more tile day it'll be finished.
Best wishes for you and your pinkies in 2012!