Monday, June 28, 2010

That state of OK

we are sitting in the living room and my mum is watching her funny show 'Little Britain' laughing really loud...i just don't see what's so funny really, there are no squirrels or rabbits and no dogs catch the bird. pinkies left me TWICE in the last two weeks (i don't know how anyone would want to leave my cute face behind) but they had to go up to the metroplex to be with mum's dad who was not feeling well. turns out after a surgery to get rid of an infection he is doing better and is now back at the ranch. which is a good thing because he was getting pretty cranky being in the hospital all that time!
THEN, last weekend mum and dad took a road trip up to Oklahoma! (the state of Oklahoma! must be written with an exclamation point behind it otherwise it's just that wasteland on the other side of the Red River) anywho, my pinkies went up to Oklahoma! to visit some old friends from college and see their new house and just hang out.
since i wasn't with them, i guess i'll hand over this post to my mum...

we had a great time in Oklahoma! we visited that school that happens to be in norman,ok..we did not see bobby stoops. i think our campus at A&M was much better! we also drove over to Oklahoma City and saw the bombing memorial which was truly beautiful and very striking to see. it is very well done and conveys the story of that sad event in America's history.



Oklahoma memorial

after a GREAT steak dinner made by Lesli' (it was soooo good, thank you Lesli') we hung out and enjoyed a movie. the next day we ate at 'The Diner' an awesome breakfast establishment in historic Norman (it was so good we ate there twice..yum!) excellent blueberry pancakes.

Yummy breakfast
all in all, we had a good time and our friends' house is beautiful and we are so happy for their success (even though they live in Oklahoma!) kidding!!

mum give me the computer back!!!
so while they were away my uncle brian was lucky enough to watch over me all weekend...thanks so much!! i was a bit of a toot though mum says as i got a hold of the remote control and decided it looked like a bone....i don't know why she got so mad...

well, it's almost bedtime, hope all of you are doing well.