Monday, August 31, 2009

some wally...

just some pics of the Wally...enjoy!
tricky photography

a close up...

wally and his girlfriend Mia

oooohhh the sleepy baby!!!!

Sunday, August 23, 2009

Dining in Style

i have gotten my wish...we have a fancy schmancy new dining room table. we can now entertain more than 4 people comfortably in our home!! we found the table at a sale, it was considered damaged by the store so we got a heck of a deal. with ben's handiness and some elbow grease

sanding it down,
ben putting clear coat on
the solid teak table has been restored to it's full glory, Wally can attest to that :)

wally and the table once we get chairs come on over!!

Friday, August 14, 2009

the rise

i have embarked on another adventure....


this is the real deal, the whole kit and kaboodle....not killing the yeast (weird but true), pounding the dough--nicely of course, waiting for it to double, etc., etc.
while it was a great endeavor, time consuming and slightly frustrating...i succeeded and produced 3 loaves of 'crusty italian bread' guaranteed "just like your grandma made" according to my recipe. i didn't take any pics of the dough process but here's how wally and i coped with the stress of whether my bread would turn out or not:

here's a peak at how my loaves turned out...they smelled delicious but i have to work on the actual taste a bit. but i'll be sure to keep trying!

Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun Outdoors...

so the hubby and i had a busy weekend full of exciting happenings outdoors. Ben got called up for the men's softball tournament on saturday, they had a good run won 2 lost 2 in the end. he played well and showed his mad skills at 2nd base!!

while he was doing an excellent job, the softball thought differently and decided to give him a fresh one...the ball won...see the evidence.

i also finally got some pics of my newest venture...rowing or "sculling" on Town Lake. it's incredibly fun and so enjoyable after a day in the office. we are learning so much and it's exciting to really get some speed up on the water!
that's me in bow position (the last in the boat)
these pics are from this past sunday 8/9. enjoy!!!

Friday, August 7, 2009

Eggplant Wot...

just got back from a truly random and unique experience in pflugerville of all places...we ate with some friends at 'The Taste of Ethiopia'. it was very good food that we got to eat with our hands!!!! all of it....utensil free!! yay!!! the service was good, very friendly. after eating family style from woven bowls (2 hours) the owner invited us to the patio where her family was sitting to watch the coffee ceremony (could possibly have been an ethiopian mafia...but who knows)
we had coffee and listened to her story about africa and how she started the restaurant. incense (sp?) was burning, the coffee (ethiopian version of espresso after sunday dinner) was good and was a good time.
can't wait to go back.

lesson: go try your local ethiopian diner and see what you find.
peace out.