Friday, March 19, 2010

wally days...happy friday!!

hello everyone...all two of you :)
my mum is posting some pics of me to keep from having to watch the zombie movie on tv...gory business. (but pretty funny)
i went to the dog park today for my weekly play time/socialization. had some fun, especially with a german sheapard. that's another story.

oh the anticipation
that's me and my human dad walking into the Dog dog park ever!

action shot
mum got the "action shot" i was playing hard to get, but honestly, i'll just say i'm not the fastest pup at the park...those little guys have hot wheels!!

but, all that running made me hot in my fluffy coat (soon to be removed...hello groomer)
wallowing in the public pool

mum said "ugh" but i said "woo-hoo!!" at least she had a towel in the truck. we got back in time for a long snoozer and some chow.
adios for now peeps
back to zombieland

Tuesday, March 2, 2010

the canyon

here is what my humans have been up to the past week...can't believe they left me at the pet resort while they played in ALL that SNOW!!!!

and the nerve of them seeing all those beautiful cliffs and colorful rock...

oh...and they got to drive around on Route 66.

BUT...i'm happy to have them home with me now ;)
see more pics of their trip on their flickr page.