Tuesday, July 14, 2009

happy july 4th!!

well kids, july 4th came and went in a pleasant blur. our friends from louisiana trekked over and celebrated the holiday with us. we had an awesome time hanging out all over austin and eating tons of good food! we miss them dearly and always enjoy a good visit...hello homeslice reunion!!!sarah, dan, and wallace
the holiday also marked a HUGE milestone for our household. we have officially had Sir Wallace-Tiberius-Sacchamono-Dryden-DeBellis for one whole year!!!! yay!! he's been a joy to live with...it's like he's been here forever. :)
the weekend also marked my first foray into racing cardboard boats...i was part of a team of lovely ladies in the Round Rock Cardboard Boat Regatta. it was soooo very interesting. we built the boat over many weeks during our lunches and after work toward the end. it was a labor of love, and the end product is mighty pretty in my opinion! we took the theme of Top Gun and ran with it...we had wings, tail fins, a boom box playing the soundtrack...matching uniforms with our nick-names.winners
we felt the need for speed...and got 2nd place!! and the july 4th crowds voted us people's choice award - prettiest boat. hell yeah! (see more pics)
it was a great time and lots of fun on the race day....could have done without the 100* heat but we survived.