Monday, September 24, 2012

the labor of it all...

Howdy furry friends and pinkies!
Hope you all are kicking back with some cold beverages and savoring the knowledge that you have an extra day over this weekend to relax and put around the house :)
From my vantage point, see below, my pinkies are doing just that.


Let's recap the month of August, shall we?
My dearest pinkies left me in the lap of luxury (a.k.a. with the most wonderful neighbor ever in the whole world, who just might love me as much as mum and dad) and departed for some giant floating vessel that cruises the open seas. Imagine that!

A floating buffet, open 24 hrs and they leave me at home?!?!?!
The destination was Bermuda, and they apparently had a great time cavorting around the island and beaches without me. See for yourself!



Leaving out of NYC

Snorkeling awaits!

You can take the man out of Italy, you can't take the Italy out of the man....

Of course, if you know us, you know that no trip is complete without vegetation pics...


He was in the vegetation...



They did some formal tea sipping...

And some other beverage sipping...

Dad even won a jackpot, what did they bring back for their 4-legged roomate?!?! Nothing!!! It was all rum cake and rum for everyone for me. Typical.

THEN they returned to reality and hopped back in to the work groove...not so exciting from the way mum flops on the couch after a day at work. At least she plays frisbee with me for like 3.7 minutes before flopping, but anyway...(it's really hot outside and he gets overheated easily...and it's hot) so they also finished the guest bathroom upgrades and it does look pretty fancy in there. I'll let mum explain:
Well, all over the diy home decor blogs people are framing their builder grade mirrors so they look more custom/ that's what we did! We were wandering around home depot and saw a vinyl trim product that already had the espresso finish and was the ideal width so we bought some and went home and installed it!! It was really easy, I hired the hubs to measure and make all the cuts and then we liquid nailed the pieces to the mirror. Easy peasy.


However, the mirror looked so good that it made the existing oak cabinets look dated and back to the blogosphere I went and there was a tutorial on how to stain your cabinets without the hassle with some stuff called minwax stain, but more like paint. See below for the final results...turned out pretty good. Now I have to do the master bath...maybe in September!


Blurry, but I supervised mum from the tub. Whenever home improvement is taking place I must be present for quality control purposes.

That's enough mum, you are boring them to now it's September and all over the interwebs people are commenting on how "fall is in the air", WELL that is not the case here!! It's 103* here today people, fall is nowhere to be found!! It better come soon, mum is just itching to break out her scarf collection!
That's all for now faithful readers, until next time.