Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So, mum has decided that while she adores and loves me to itty bitty pieces she’s just not cut out for this “100 Days of Wally” business (even though it was HER idea) and so at day 56 (which was quite a while ago!) she ended her daily camera clicking. However, as every blogger claims, she does promise to post more frequently :)

On to today’s newsworthy item. It’s 12-12-12!!! We just wanted to wish you all a lucky and prosperous day on this numerically balanced day!!

It’s sunny and in the upper 50’s here in Austin and when mum came home for her afternoon chow she played some fetch with me and snapped these pics.


I kind of blend in to the grantite mum! Where did my body go?!?!?


Have a great day every-puppy!!


Gobble, Gobble, Sleep!

This week starts the BEST WEEK EVER in food lover terms. This week kicks off the “eating season” with a feast for all paws to enjoy!!

DAY 50: Declaration that we need to start eating to prep for “the real eating” on Thursday.

DAY 51: Fluffy-ness.


DAY 52: Look deep into my eyes…you can see visions of turkeys dancing.


DAY 53: TURKEY DAY!!!  (um...we devoured everything too fast to get a 'before' shot...sorry!)

The after shot...

Lounging with Dad...

DAY 54: More feasting!!! And a movie. Don’t worry, I’m on food patrol. No cranberries will be harmed while the pinkies are away at the theater! Also, I went on a walkie with my cousin Bryn (a frenchie) and while she tried to keep up…mum had to drop her off and take me around again at my usual pace (brisk walking while he trots). My cousin lives on a lake and she enjoys walks along the beach…which is currently covered in grass due to the lower water levels. Oh well. I got my toes wet!!



DAY 55: STILL more feasting!! And there’s my grandpa-w riding Fiona the mule…she’s a bit young still so I’m not allowed to play with her…she’s flighty.


DAY 56: Slug-fest...Mum and Dad seem to have been afflicted with some kind of “laying about the house not moving” bug. After the road trip home yesterday, we are all horizontal and enjoying Netflix :)


Monday, November 26, 2012

“The road goes on forever and the party never ends” – Pat Green

Well the road did SEEM to go on forever…Texas is a big state and if you ever decide to drive across it, be forewarned…it’ll take some serious time. 

DAY 43: Remembering our veterans today. Thank you to so many all over the world serving their country.
And my pinkies bailed me out of the kennel …and promptly put me in the shower b/c apparently I smelled rather stinky. Afterward, I commenced with my "after kennel hibernation" since I never get any sleep when I go to kennel.


DAY 44: Pizza night. Mum tried out a dough recipe and dad gave his seal of Italian approval. I supervised of course...flour on snout is evidence. 



DAY 45: This piece of art was a gift from one of mum’s aunts. She gave it to us for Christmas the year I came to live with mum and dad. She saw it at an Octoberfest celebration and said “that looks like Wally!” so she brought it home. I approve of it’s likeness…I do prefer a good hearty wheat beer myself.


DAY 46: This is mum getting all "macro" on me...keep zooming mum, there's a clean spot somewhere.


DAY 47: Guess what? Today is opening day for Austin’s very own Circuit of the Americas (COTA) Formula 1 race track…and I’m not going. But mum and dad are!!! They said it would damage my very sensitive ears so I’m staying home this time. I told them to bring me home a Ferarri. 



DAY 48: Welcome home dad from your day in the sun watching F1 cars zoom around...we missed any food???!!?


DAY 49: More chair laying :)


Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big what?

Howdy friends! We are catching up here with the weeks, please bear with us as mum uploads my day to day life :)

DAY 36: It may seem like I spend all my time in this chair...but really it's the only time mum can get a crisp, still pic of me!


DAY 37: I VOTED! Well, technically mum voted…but she let me wear her sticker for a bit. SO ready for election campaign junk to be over!!


DAY 38: Stolen goods...or rather some stolen trash from the recycle bin. I can't help that I'm attracted to paper goods...especially cardboard!



DAY 39: Reporting from the KENNEL! Dad has dropped me off at my kennel…I’m excited to say it sounds like a paw-ty is going on back there!
(Dad didn’t take a picture of this….so mum’s technically off the hook since she was at work all day and had a public input meeting all night)

DAY 40-42: Since I am in the kennel, my pinkies are therefore NO WHERE about to photograph me. Please enjoy the pics from their trip to Big Bend National Park, the 15th largest national park in America coming in at 800,000 acres. Quite large, but then everything is big in Texas :)

On the road

Entry of the park

Our home away from home

Hike on the "Window Trail"


Lost Mine Trail

Mule Ears formation


St. Elena Pass - the wall was 1,500 ft tall the Rio Grande River runs thru the cut out cool.

What critters did we encounter???


Diamond Back Rattle Snake (he's alive, he struck at the car as we drove by!)

Black bear and cub, red tail hawk, scorpion, oh, and the tarantulas were EVERYWHERE including the women's bathroom and one wanted to use the loo with me at 5am...I declined and made the hubs shooo him out!!

Big Bend was wonderful and we are so glad we went despite the 7 hr drive (each way)!!!



Here we are, back in sync with our weeks…again, sorry for the long delay!

DAY 29: ***We are thinking of all you pinkies and 4 leggies on the east coast…stay dry if you can and hang in there. You are not forgotten!**
No scarves were “broken out”. However, mum did bring out the sofa blanket…as in the huge and puffy down blanket that stays on the sofa until about April. 
Witness the blanket mass…


I on the other hand super enjoyed the cool weather and lounged outside most of the evening when the pinkies got home.

DAY 30: ***We made it to 30 days!!!*** That is all.


Do I look 30 days older???

DAY 31: Mum was late getting home and dad forgot to buy candy…so we were relegated to sitting in darkness except for the glow of the tv. Oh, and mum and dad watched a zombie show just for good measure…they are bonkers for Walking Dead.
That may or may not be me in a batman mask…one never tells these things.


DAY 32: Mum says “how can it really be November already?” I say bring it!!! It is after all officially “Mo-vember” as in everyone (well, probably only men) should grow their moustache out and support men’s health month. I have a leg up on everyone with this…witness my handlebar beauty!!


DAY 33: Visit to the vet for my bordatella. And mum took no pics (starting to be a “thing” with her) so here is an original piece of art by mum and dad’s good friend Brent. It’s oil pastels on matte board done from a picture of me. He does commissioned work all the time, check out his portfolio at!!!


DAY 34: Mum and dad left me most of the day to run “errands”. They also caught the last half of the Aggie vs. Ole Miss game…whoop!! the Aggies won!!
I spent my day lounging and catching flys :)


DAY 35: Day of rest. And also inspecting the counters for stray bits leftovers…my specialty!



Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey There Little Airedale...

DAY 22: Mondays are never any fun…that’s what my mum says at least. I say they are great! I finally get my living room back to myself and can lounge the afternoon away in peace. 

I don't know how mum leaves me 5 days a week cute am I?!?!!

DAY 23: Mum was in a parade this evening…without me…yes, I shudder too. But she was one of the organizers helping the Fire Department put on their fundraising event PinkHeals. This event supports survivors of cancer. Fire & police departments all over the country support this organization and have 3 huge fire engines and a police car painted pink…ALL pink! Survivors are encouraged to take a sharpie pen and write their name on each engine. The trucks are COVERED in signatures which is bittersweet as it means that many people have suffered through cancer. Mum didn’t get home until late, so there aren’t any pics of me, but she took some of the parade.



Leading the parade were the bagpipes and drums from the fire department. It was pretty cool!

DAY 24: Magnet mini-me explanation:  My mum went to Fredricksburg, Texas a while back and popped into the doggy boutique, Dogologie, on main street and look at what she brought home!!! It’s a striking likeness in my opinion.


DAY 25:Winter is Coming"….that’s what mum says anyways. I’m not seeing it…it’s definitely 85*F out here, I’m not sniffing any cold jet streams yet.

DAY 26: Brrrrr!!! Winter Came! It’s currently 50*F down here in TX…time to romp outside! On nights like these I’m more than happy to sit on the patio cooling off, and surveying my “estate” keeping a watch out for varmits (a.k.a. mice, rats, opossum, june bugs, other flying insects of interest…)

DAY 27: Mum and dad have instituted mandatory weekend PT it seems…we went hiking again…2 weekends in a row!!! I love it, but really, I need to get in better shape. My tongue starts lolling out at around 45 min of trail walking. But then again, so does mum’s!! (not really, but she sure breathes heavily after a while)


There was a spring that flowed into a sort of water fall. It was lush (just in this spot) with all the ferns and moss.

Mum wondered what lived in this old tree stump.

My stationary was such a nice day that I trotted the whole 3 hrs we were out!

DAY 28: Beef stew!! My pinkies chased away the chill with some stew from something called a “crockpot” that incidentally makes the house smell PAW-MAZING all day long. And mum made this beauty....a carrot and pumpkin cake with citrus glaze. I hear it was amazing.


Oh and this is me after our 3 hr hike...tuckered out!!


Hope you are all having a great transition into Fall…we are excited that it’s finally happening down here in Austin. Mum says break out the scarves!! Have a great week.

Mum is really trying to get a pic a day, but sometimes it just doesn't work out...sorry for the blanks. I must try some training techniques to motivate her more :)


Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to Normal...

***Sorry this is SOOO...late friends, mum was sucked into netflix and some show about biker gangs (Sons of Anarchy, note: I am NOT, nor will I ever be in a motorcycle gang, nor do i condone their "gang-ness"...but it's really entertaining to watch!!)

Good morning fellow paws!
My mum has procrastinated as per usual, and is finally posting about my third week into the “100 Days of Wally” series. I had some fun adventures with my pinkies and I guess they had some without me, but I’m not sure what fun can be had outside of my presence, as you all would agree.

DAY 15: Things got back to normal after the ACL business from the previous weekend. Mum as usual catching me at my best…sometimes. We are watching TV and chilling.


DAY 16: When mum “opens up the house” (open the blinds/front door to let the light and a breeze in)  I station myself front and center at the front door to monitor watch the world passing by. I like to know who is traipsing past my estate :) if they look threatening I’ll let them know to stay away with my ferocious bark (pretty much anything that moves gets a bark…unfortunate sometimes for the poor kids wheeling by on bikes!)  Mum got up close and personal  with this shot.



DAY 17: Did you know that I’m a superb sou-chef?!? Well, check it out…I’m in the kitchen even when the main chef is out on the couch. I’m always concerned with the quality of the dinners around here!


DAY 18: hmmm...gratuitous Airedale paraphernalia around the house...
Magnet me!! (to be explained in a later post I'm sure)


DAY 19: The stink eye…


DAY 20: Mum had pity on my beautiful self and loaded me up in the truck to visit the Round RockDog Depot. It’s my very favorite place to go and there are always lots of doggies to meet when we go.




DAY 21: My dearest pinkies got off the couch finally and loaded me into the car for a proper walk!! We went to Lake Georgetown to hike the trail that goes around the lake…26 miles. (we did NOT hike 26 miles!!) It was warmer than we thought so I may have tired out and mum turned us around after an hour and a half. But I had plenty of water and dad thought to make and bring some lovely pb&j’s to snack on. They were very tasty!


"the eye of the sandwich"

what's that over there...pb&j sandwich?!?!!!!

why thank you!

must lay down to lap up my's still a bit too warm for a long hike.