Sunday, July 8, 2012

Summer and July 4th

Just some shots of my beautiful self out in the backyard this summer...

 A lot of the time I'm telling my pinkies to come inside where it's cool and's just too hot out here!!

I like to inspect the random patches of grass that have survived this past drought.


Mum, why are you hiding all the way over there??


Sit? Stay, you say? Ok, fine. Here you go. A nice sleepy looking me, mouth breathing to boot! I look rather rugged don't you say?!!

Additional Note:
It is my official "Gotcha Day" on July 4th...thus I am 4years in the most wonderful family EVER!!! And since mum loves the celebration and pomp of the holiday, she declared that was my birthday I'm either 6 or 7 (they never really knew how old I was when they rescued me). Here are my birthday picture out takes...
I call this one "wrangle the beast for a photo!" at least that's what I overheard mum kinda turned into bitey play for a couple seconds.


This one is called "Threat from Above"...(mum: there was no threat, just us talking to him...he hates cameras and sitting still for pics.) At least we got a crisp pic of the the Aggie collar! Whoop!


Here is the one that made it to facebook for my b-day...blurry but really captures my personality and the pinky's horrible bed making skills in the background!


Take care and have a wonderful summer!


Monday, July 2, 2012

A Mish-Mash...

Hi there folks, Wally here to catch you up to what we've been up to...a little of this and a little of that apparently! IMAG0621

  I've done some gardening supervising, the tomatoes are coming great, we've got a lot of green ones! Let's hope the bugs/birds don't rain on our parade and take our "harvest". The fig trees are going crazy, may do some fig jam making with the neighbor once they are ready! Yum!
look at the tomatoes now!!



Cayenne peppers, FIGS, and a yellow tomato!!


That's my handsome snout hanging out by mum's ear...she likes my breath in her face. (Mum: i do NOT!)


The pinkies left me and went to Baltimore in May, this is the face dad gave Mum and the camera after he got a compliment on he awesome parking job (not pictured)...his face says "what did you expect?!" Mum gets this look a lot!

ben after parking

Downtown Baltimore from behind the Visionary Arts Museum...pretty!



They also went to Mount Vernon when they drove down to Virginia, it was pretty cool they tell me, lots of gardens, out buildings, and nice green lawns. They did happen to run into some locals with an airedale puppy in tow...his name was Gunner and Mum just had to take his picture and share a pic of me with the other dale owners. sheesh. Can't take her anywhere!!

  IMAG0874 one of the fabulous gardens.


And, in homage to my curly self, mum and dad took a pic of the "Presidential Pets" exhibit at the really, amazing and awesome Newseum. Of course one of our fine fore fathers had a pet airedale...we really are "presidential" looking, don't you think?!


...just so you can looking fluffy and Laddie boy above...totally the same.


I have still been supervising the pinkies in all things grilled. Dad is doing a great job with the lamb chops!


At the beginning of June, mum's older sis stopped in for a visit on her birthday. I really like it when she visits, she scratches my ears all the right ways and loves to give me treats and belly rubs. Oh and mum ruins it by having her clean my ears too...not pleasant.

audra & brunch.

Another gratuitous shot of my pinkies...they are my favorites!