Sunday, December 29, 2013

6 Months Sure Goes Fast!

Howdy all pups!

My how the time does fly J Let me update you summary style on what we’ve been up to, then you can check out the pics!

·        Dad’s snake bite is healed up and looking good. Scarring and numbness remain, but the nerves can take a year or more to regenerate. Thank you all for the good healing thoughts sent our way!

·        Mum and Dad left me for a cruise to Alaska. They were going on and on about all the cool and wonderful stuff they saw and experienced. Can’t believe they left me when salmon fishing was one of the activities! They took too many photos of course, but see below for some of the highlights.

·        We had some great visitors in October that really know how to treat a pup to a good time!! I got treats everyday and plenty of food from the dinner table! I couldn’t believe it…those guests left too soon!

·        Thanksgiving was spent at the ranch up in DFW. I chased my mule cousin Fiona and all other animals that we came upon when exploring the property. I just wish the dang stickers didn’t grow like wildfire up there…my super Airedale furs seemed to attract all the stickers the moment I walked outside!

·        Mum and Dad have erected a tree in the house and have barricaded it with chairs and some boxes wrapped in paper…too bad my super ‘Dale nose sniffed out that one of the gifts was wrapped with a paper sack that was a grocery bag in it’s previous life. I may have spoiled one of Dad’s presents. Oops! We've also been preparing for Christmas with some cookie making...I'm the official quality assurance tester. Yum!


snuggled in for a long winter's night



this is my contribution to painting the living was a tough job


Mum's sister and my frenchie cousin that came to help paint






we wish everyone a happy and wonderful new year. CHEERS TO 2014!!


  1. Wishing you a very happy and healthy 2014.

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie

  2. Wows, that sounds like you had a FABulous years end!
    And I likes your snoopervision on the paintin' knows the peeps couldn't do anythings without some AireHelp, right?!
    I hopes you and your family have the bestest new year evers!!!
    Ruby ♥