Thursday, February 28, 2013

2013 Resolutions...and a January Birthday!

As promised I’ve devised some resolutions if you will for this new year. Nothing groundbreaking or unattainable, but I hope to keep them going throughout the year…and not end in February :)

Let’s get to it shall we?
1   1.       Chew on healthier things…as in an Elk Antler from here. Review: it’s pretty tasty, but also very hard so mums only lets me chew it when she is home. I give it a good go whenever I have access to it!!
2.       Go on more walkies!! (this is more me motivating mum/dad to take me out) I like to see what the neighborhood is up to and make sure everyone knows I have been there :)
3.       Eat better. I’m eating the Blue “wilderness” version of kibble…I really like it!
4.       Be more social. As in socially “refined” as mum says. Apparently I lunge at the short squealy humans that like to run around. And to not bark at the front door when someone approaches, walks by, etc.
5.       Be less stinky…what? Hey!! Mum stop your butting in and taking over my list!!! (well, you are stinky!)

Also, we celebrated my dad’s birthday in January, he’s “an old man” now and so we only do one candle these days :)


Why yes, that is me within biting distance of the almond tart...


...and Mum's birthday in February! Dad did not bake a delicious cake/pie/dessert for mum so she held the obligatory candle whilst we sang to her!! (I think he needs to up the ante next year and get his hands floury)


Take care every pup!

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  1. That is a great list Wally!! I'm tryin' to not eat as many treaties, as I have gotten, well, chubby. So my Ma says...I say I'm just storin' up for the winter.
    Happy Birthday to your Peeps!! That musta been so exciting! (butts really, your Dads REALLY has to step it up Wally! Ya know what a girl loves? Diamonds!!! Just sayin'....)