Monday, November 5, 2012

Hey There Little Airedale...

DAY 22: Mondays are never any fun…that’s what my mum says at least. I say they are great! I finally get my living room back to myself and can lounge the afternoon away in peace. 

I don't know how mum leaves me 5 days a week cute am I?!?!!

DAY 23: Mum was in a parade this evening…without me…yes, I shudder too. But she was one of the organizers helping the Fire Department put on their fundraising event PinkHeals. This event supports survivors of cancer. Fire & police departments all over the country support this organization and have 3 huge fire engines and a police car painted pink…ALL pink! Survivors are encouraged to take a sharpie pen and write their name on each engine. The trucks are COVERED in signatures which is bittersweet as it means that many people have suffered through cancer. Mum didn’t get home until late, so there aren’t any pics of me, but she took some of the parade.



Leading the parade were the bagpipes and drums from the fire department. It was pretty cool!

DAY 24: Magnet mini-me explanation:  My mum went to Fredricksburg, Texas a while back and popped into the doggy boutique, Dogologie, on main street and look at what she brought home!!! It’s a striking likeness in my opinion.


DAY 25:Winter is Coming"….that’s what mum says anyways. I’m not seeing it…it’s definitely 85*F out here, I’m not sniffing any cold jet streams yet.

DAY 26: Brrrrr!!! Winter Came! It’s currently 50*F down here in TX…time to romp outside! On nights like these I’m more than happy to sit on the patio cooling off, and surveying my “estate” keeping a watch out for varmits (a.k.a. mice, rats, opossum, june bugs, other flying insects of interest…)

DAY 27: Mum and dad have instituted mandatory weekend PT it seems…we went hiking again…2 weekends in a row!!! I love it, but really, I need to get in better shape. My tongue starts lolling out at around 45 min of trail walking. But then again, so does mum’s!! (not really, but she sure breathes heavily after a while)


There was a spring that flowed into a sort of water fall. It was lush (just in this spot) with all the ferns and moss.

Mum wondered what lived in this old tree stump.

My stationary was such a nice day that I trotted the whole 3 hrs we were out!

DAY 28: Beef stew!! My pinkies chased away the chill with some stew from something called a “crockpot” that incidentally makes the house smell PAW-MAZING all day long. And mum made this beauty....a carrot and pumpkin cake with citrus glaze. I hear it was amazing.


Oh and this is me after our 3 hr hike...tuckered out!!


Hope you are all having a great transition into Fall…we are excited that it’s finally happening down here in Austin. Mum says break out the scarves!! Have a great week.

Mum is really trying to get a pic a day, but sometimes it just doesn't work out...sorry for the blanks. I must try some training techniques to motivate her more :)


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