Monday, October 29, 2012

Back to Normal...

***Sorry this is SOOO...late friends, mum was sucked into netflix and some show about biker gangs (Sons of Anarchy, note: I am NOT, nor will I ever be in a motorcycle gang, nor do i condone their "gang-ness"...but it's really entertaining to watch!!)

Good morning fellow paws!
My mum has procrastinated as per usual, and is finally posting about my third week into the “100 Days of Wally” series. I had some fun adventures with my pinkies and I guess they had some without me, but I’m not sure what fun can be had outside of my presence, as you all would agree.

DAY 15: Things got back to normal after the ACL business from the previous weekend. Mum as usual catching me at my best…sometimes. We are watching TV and chilling.


DAY 16: When mum “opens up the house” (open the blinds/front door to let the light and a breeze in)  I station myself front and center at the front door to monitor watch the world passing by. I like to know who is traipsing past my estate :) if they look threatening I’ll let them know to stay away with my ferocious bark (pretty much anything that moves gets a bark…unfortunate sometimes for the poor kids wheeling by on bikes!)  Mum got up close and personal  with this shot.



DAY 17: Did you know that I’m a superb sou-chef?!? Well, check it out…I’m in the kitchen even when the main chef is out on the couch. I’m always concerned with the quality of the dinners around here!


DAY 18: hmmm...gratuitous Airedale paraphernalia around the house...
Magnet me!! (to be explained in a later post I'm sure)


DAY 19: The stink eye…


DAY 20: Mum had pity on my beautiful self and loaded me up in the truck to visit the Round RockDog Depot. It’s my very favorite place to go and there are always lots of doggies to meet when we go.




DAY 21: My dearest pinkies got off the couch finally and loaded me into the car for a proper walk!! We went to Lake Georgetown to hike the trail that goes around the lake…26 miles. (we did NOT hike 26 miles!!) It was warmer than we thought so I may have tired out and mum turned us around after an hour and a half. But I had plenty of water and dad thought to make and bring some lovely pb&j’s to snack on. They were very tasty!


"the eye of the sandwich"

what's that over there...pb&j sandwich?!?!!!!

why thank you!

must lay down to lap up my's still a bit too warm for a long hike.



  1. OMD!! Wally, looks like you had quite the week!
    Good work gettin' your peeps off the couch (I'm still tryin' to figure out how to gets Ma off her hinnie!)
    Keep those pics comin'!
    And I LOVE the magnetic you! Gotta find me one of those!


  2. Do you find that training the staff is a perpetual up hill struggle Wally?

    Molly, Taffy, Monty and Winnie