Tuesday, October 9, 2012

My Mum LOVES My Face...

Howdy folks!
Following this new (and first) series that my Mum has started, I’ll show you the extreme beauty of my Day 3-7 photos. Extreme beauty handsom-ness people, extreme!!

Day 3 – Mum learned quickly that the lighting was vitally important for getting that really spectacular “glamour” shot…also helpful: if the subject stays still. Please enjoy my “fly away” ear and my general curliness.


Day 4 – Well, Mum fell off the wagon ALREADY…there were no stills to be taken this day, however, she did get overly excited from Day 3 and also took this video of me expertly excavating A VERY IMPORTANT AIREDALE HOLLOW.
Mum-odd only for the fact that this was taken in the middle of the day on my lunch break and he usually only does this “crazy” digging at night when he’s stalking/hunting the critters.

Day 5 – After packing up her things Mum declares she’s leaving me forever = the weekend and snaps a parting face shot…mid pant and looking mighty scruffy.


Day 6 – Since my full-time pinkie handler left me temporarily, it was just me and the “mailman” holding down the fort. He graciously took these pics of me enjoying a car ride…and possibly eating the giant grasshoppers that were flying up everywhere. That IS a smile on my face J



Day 7 – Mum’s return and what’s that?!?!? A sleek looking me gracefully adorning my bed…dad shaved me nearly bald in some places and gave me a much needed bath. We also took the opportunity to lounge about the house and play video games whilst mum was away. Sneaky.


Stay tuned to see my haire-cut in the sunlight!! First week of “100 Days of Wally” complete…sort of J Thanks for checking me out and I do so enjoy seeing what you all in the bloggy world have been up to as well.

Take care!

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  1. OMD!! I just loves your diggin' technique! Just like mine!!! Wows, very impressive! I bet you smelled some left over smells from a critter, and just HAD to make sure it was gone, huh? It IS our job to make sure no critters make their way on our turf! Nice Job Wally!!
    I thinks your Moms has done a bang-up job gettin' your beautiful (sorry HANDSOME) face everyday.