Monday, October 15, 2012

The Cone of Shame...and Other Events

Continuing in my "100 Days of Wally" project, week 2 promises to be substantially more interesting than mum previously thought...oh the joys of living with a 75# ewok airedale.

Day 8: Mum returns home and feels the need to capture my raw animal essence by posing front of her seedlings. I don't get it either. (those will eventually be broccoli and brussel sprouts)
I make the most of the hippie garden situation by intently following the actions of a squirrel on the neighbor's tree. Always a hunter!


Day 9: Another bomb...mum neglected to take a picture of me...AGAIN. Stay tuned.

Day 10: This is my transitional stage of my injury (see below for explanation) my dad thought this would keep me from licking my bum so much…in truth it worked for about 30 min and then I just had to get them off of me!! Mum thinks I look hilarious…there was lots of laughing this night, by everyone but me. 
(Wally tends to move as little as possible when he is "put upon" by objects/people...he very sullenly laid there for this pic, I'm sure shooting daggers at me from his beautiful eyes)


Day 11: I was in the process of being groomed to handsomeness when my dad accidentally knicked my bum region with the clippers. Nothing serious of course until I felt the need to inspect it constantly with my super long aire-tongue and that in turn made it throbbing raw mess back there, according to mum anyway. Off to the nice vet lady I went and when I returned home mum could NOT stop laughing at me because of this:

Let's see the progression of my shame/ire...



I was able to assist/supervise my dad as he prepared our dinner that evening...chicken cutlets!!


Side note: it might behoove vet offices to not allow cats to roam their waiting/lobby area…I am, shall we say not empathetic toward cats, which the vet’s office found out on Thursday. Oh well, it’s not like I caught it or anything!!

Day 12: My pinkies departed the cottage with their other pinky friends and proceeded to some music festival called Austin City Limits to wander around for hours listening to several bands set up over 7 stages. They came back LATE at night and smelled really bad to me so I’m positive they had a great time!! Possible “Fun Fact”, mum thinks the “Cone of Shame” enhances my sense of smell…interesting.

ACL festival entrance



Day 13: The pinky group is recouperating by laying about the furniture and sipping clear liquids and spontaneously dozing off while watching about 25 thousand hours of college football…totally boring!! Two more pinkies were added and the group departed to a local sports bar to watch their alma mater win by the skin of their teeth.

Day 14: All “extra” pinkies have vacated the cottage and I’m left with my mum and dad…and the cone – still. (happy to note that my bum is improving and healing up quite nicely)


Thus concludes week 2, hope you are all having a howl of a good time!!


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  1. Oh Noes!! The cone-o-shame?? That totally sucks buddy. Wells, at least it looks like your gettin' use to it, your a better Airedale than I!!
    It sounds like your peeps had quite the weekend Wally! You have to tell them you need some doggie beer if they're gonna gets people beer!! It's just fair.
    Love the pics! Tell your Moms to keep em comin'!!