Tuesday, October 2, 2012

100 Days of ME!!!

Yes, folks it's TRUE!! Mum has proclaimed that the next 100 days are all about me (no, that's not really what I meant...) minor detail mum, minor.
Over the next 100 days, mum is pledging to take a photo/video a day of stinky little old me. In an effort to decrease the usable space on her hard drive and backup, she will keep and publish all the photos of moi here on the bloggy, under my supervision of course.
Whether or not she'll post each day has not been determined. It might look more like a weekly run down of 7 photos/videos. Either way, that means more web time with me!! I know all five of you are excited about this. :)
oh, and Mum is saying that the Oct. 1 posting of my videos counts as the first day! Just sayin.

So here is Day 2:
This is me hypnotising begging my dad for his half of a fresh fig...I was not successful this time. But take note aire-friends, figs are DELICIOUS!!


It might be good to note that better light = better pictures...I waited too long and had to take an inside shot in  the cave living room. Also, black & white makes everything look better :)
I find his little tail to be the most interesting/amusing part of this photo. 



  1. We have never tasted a fig before, Wally. Bummer that your dad didn't share!

    Love ya lots,
    Mitch and Molly

  2. BOL! Very cute there Wally! There can't be anything better than 100 days of YOU! You hear that Ma???? Ma?? .....
    Anyhu, you are right....I can't wait!