Wednesday, November 14, 2012

Big what?

Howdy friends! We are catching up here with the weeks, please bear with us as mum uploads my day to day life :)

DAY 36: It may seem like I spend all my time in this chair...but really it's the only time mum can get a crisp, still pic of me!


DAY 37: I VOTED! Well, technically mum voted…but she let me wear her sticker for a bit. SO ready for election campaign junk to be over!!


DAY 38: Stolen goods...or rather some stolen trash from the recycle bin. I can't help that I'm attracted to paper goods...especially cardboard!



DAY 39: Reporting from the KENNEL! Dad has dropped me off at my kennel…I’m excited to say it sounds like a paw-ty is going on back there!
(Dad didn’t take a picture of this….so mum’s technically off the hook since she was at work all day and had a public input meeting all night)

DAY 40-42: Since I am in the kennel, my pinkies are therefore NO WHERE about to photograph me. Please enjoy the pics from their trip to Big Bend National Park, the 15th largest national park in America coming in at 800,000 acres. Quite large, but then everything is big in Texas :)

On the road

Entry of the park

Our home away from home

Hike on the "Window Trail"


Lost Mine Trail

Mule Ears formation


St. Elena Pass - the wall was 1,500 ft tall the Rio Grande River runs thru the cut out cool.

What critters did we encounter???


Diamond Back Rattle Snake (he's alive, he struck at the car as we drove by!)

Black bear and cub, red tail hawk, scorpion, oh, and the tarantulas were EVERYWHERE including the women's bathroom and one wanted to use the loo with me at 5am...I declined and made the hubs shooo him out!!

Big Bend was wonderful and we are so glad we went despite the 7 hr drive (each way)!!!


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  1. Oh, Wally, we pups know that your are just protecting your estate from the chair!
    Oh, the recycling bin is a TREASURE TROVE!!! Oh, it's my favorite place to gets fun stuffs to shread!!! You and Me, buddy....same wave length! Must be an Airedale thing!
    I hopes your Kennel stay was as funs as it sounds, since it looks like your peeps had a blast!!