Monday, November 26, 2012

“The road goes on forever and the party never ends” – Pat Green

Well the road did SEEM to go on forever…Texas is a big state and if you ever decide to drive across it, be forewarned…it’ll take some serious time. 

DAY 43: Remembering our veterans today. Thank you to so many all over the world serving their country.
And my pinkies bailed me out of the kennel …and promptly put me in the shower b/c apparently I smelled rather stinky. Afterward, I commenced with my "after kennel hibernation" since I never get any sleep when I go to kennel.


DAY 44: Pizza night. Mum tried out a dough recipe and dad gave his seal of Italian approval. I supervised of course...flour on snout is evidence. 



DAY 45: This piece of art was a gift from one of mum’s aunts. She gave it to us for Christmas the year I came to live with mum and dad. She saw it at an Octoberfest celebration and said “that looks like Wally!” so she brought it home. I approve of it’s likeness…I do prefer a good hearty wheat beer myself.


DAY 46: This is mum getting all "macro" on me...keep zooming mum, there's a clean spot somewhere.


DAY 47: Guess what? Today is opening day for Austin’s very own Circuit of the Americas (COTA) Formula 1 race track…and I’m not going. But mum and dad are!!! They said it would damage my very sensitive ears so I’m staying home this time. I told them to bring me home a Ferarri. 



DAY 48: Welcome home dad from your day in the sun watching F1 cars zoom around...we missed any food???!!?


DAY 49: More chair laying :)


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  1. Oh, that pizza looked delish Wally! I sure am glads you snoopervised, it just would be right if your Moms made pizza without you!
    I'm glad you were finally sprung from the slammer! BOL The bath sucks though.