Tuesday, April 12, 2011

it's here!

so, in the last post i specifically left out a little craigslist event...in early march i purchased a mid-century modern credenza/dresser. YAY!!
it was listed on the dallas craigslist so i quickly rallied the dryden family troops and conned my parents into driving "all over tarnation" to pick up this 9-drawer beauty.
while she isn't in the excellent condition category, the simple lines and minimalist feel to her make me glad she's in our bedroom. (yes, it's a 'she').
fast forward to last weekend when i FINALLY was able to get up to the metroplex and pick her up. it was about time!!! for a while i totally forgot i even purchased a dresser.
she was dusty, chipped and really super dry...but three hours later after a long drive south under a blue tarp she ended up in our garage gently soaped clean and then we gave her a long drink of some tung oil. literally we would wipe on an oil layer and it would be dry in 2 seconds. VERY DRY!
ben did some minor surgery on one of her legs last night and we promptly moved her in to her new home!
so, if you were writing this story for all of blog-land to read you would of course provide before and after pics right? yes. well, i forgot those oh so important before and during pics and can only show you the after. sorry folks. i was coming off a whirlwind weekend involving many social engagements and i will admit my brain was a bit useless by sunday night.


now for a note from Wally:
my mum finally came home after abandoning me and dad ALL weekend. she was even mia when a strange dog was dropped off at our home early sun. morning! turns out we are dog-sitting this "strange dog" until thursday. his name is o'malley and he's a yellow lab mixed with something else. he's supper good at fetching tennis balls and really love being the center of attention.
so much so that i have to intervene and push him out of the way and sit between him and my mum! she's mine!



update: we also had my neighbor girlfriend over for two days as her house was getting new pergo floors (mum is jealous!) her name is fenway and she is a beauty!


e are having fun being dirty, dusty boys playing in the yard all day. although i don't know what to think of him slobbering up all my cool toys...guess mums and dad will buy me new ones????
tail wags and slobbery kisses to all...i have a piece of furniture to inspect...


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