Tuesday, April 19, 2011

it seems to be the time for planting...

my mum looks all over the webbies daily looking at decorating sites and gardening sites and 'green' sites...ALL kinds of sites (of course 'aire-sites' too!) and she has noticed that everyone seems to be in the gardening/planting mode. so she and the 'large mailman' (this is in reference to 'Up' the Pixar movie...Ben is neither large or a mailman!) got in on the action.

there was the truck load of limestone edging...


the load of premium garden mix....eh, no pic. but you can imagine...brown dirt.

and LOTS of wheelbarrowing from the front to the back.


i preoccupied myself with a view of them sweating from the back doors in the aire-conditioning :) pretty smart eh?!
well, eventually they let me out to inspect their work and i must say it looks pretty great...





great enough to walk thru and lay in and pee on AND trample the silly green things they planted!!! ha!!


mum: this is true, but he doesn't know we plan on putting up some wire to keep his mustache out of the tomatoes!!

mums also got all DIY-y and upcycled some of her thrifty finds...$5 mirror circa OLD and these $3 brass beauties.



i watched as she diligently cleaned and primed them and then sprayed on the glossy coats of paint. what it really looked like was her rolling/crawling around on the big blue tarp on the front lawn spraying everything but the pieces. just my observations...she ended up with a blue hand and blue knees and white finger tips. she needed a bath stat!

but the stuff turned out pretty nice and now they need to be hung up/set out in the house somewhere.

anywoof, that's what our weekend looked like, how was yours?

oh, and how about another gratuitous pic of me in the garden. can't wait for these figs to ripen up!!

wishing you and yours a blessed Easter holiday! Rejoice!


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