Saturday, August 21, 2010

catching up

howdy folks! just wanted to let you all know what i've been up to :)
lots of laying about...evidence here-

Pointy ear rug

i've also gotten pretty good at stalking the squirrels in the tree in the back yard. here i am ferociously waiting them out! sometimes i get so excited i try to climb the tree! mum is never fast enough to catch that in action...


i also spend a lot of time begging for a piece of the cheese sticks mum and dad seem to have everyday...they taste wonderful!

well, that's what's new with me, i suppose i have to turn this writing stuff over to mum so she can tell you about all the "cool" things they've been doing (as if they could be cooler than me..)

we have been doing cool things!
my sister came to visit for a few days a couple weeks ago. we ate some mexican food and embarked on "Craft Day 2010". now, i had a whole list set up of some reasonable 'beginner' crafts that we could accomplish in one afternoon...sad to say, we chose to lounge about in the morning and then eat mexican food. by the time we got home from the craft store (we needed some minor supplies) it was late afternoon!!
the results of "Craft Day 2010" are a beautiful set of cloth napkins made from a vintage table cloth that i had and audra learned how to hand embroider. yes folks, we have made things with our hands!!! (trumpets playing...ok maybe i hear led zepplin) see below for a pic of the napkins.

First craft 2010

we also had a wonderful dinner last night with our friends jorge and julieth and their pretty little girl pricila, who was born this past february (the best month in my opinion for birthdays) we got to pose with little pricila for some pics!



she was such a good girl and is very strong. she was so happy she didn't want to go to bed...we have that effect on people :)

as i close, wally is super focused on ben out in the neighbor's front yard, he is helping to take down the dead tree :( so sad, we'll miss the shade and it looks so strange without something there now.
until next time, au revoir.


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  1. I think it is great that you found a baby that has the same spiky hair doo as you originally sported! maybe its a Feb thing.

    Will we craft again in Sept?