Sunday, August 1, 2010

Can you believe it's August?!?

nope, neither can i.
July was a pretty busy month for our household. it involved lots of travel on the weekends and busy days during the week. we are kind of hoping August is a little bit slower :)

July 4th weekend marked lots of celebrations, including Wally's birthday. we went to some parties and watched the fireworks from the comfort of our driveway. our neighborhood puts on a pretty good show. luckily the RR fireworks were canceled due to weather conditions so i didn't have to work July 4th like i usually do. considering this is my favorite holiday, i was elated.

The second weekend in July our good friends from louisiana came for a visit with their son, D3. it was such a good weekend and we had a great time seeing them. we always enjoy getting together with such good friends...we only wish they didn't live so far away! we got lots of shopping done and tons of good food was had by all. we really like to feast when we get together :)


Wally had his first prolonged meeting with a 9 month old and that went surprisingly well. he was very concerned anytime D3 made baby noises and really enjoyed sniffing the heck out of his diaper! we all noticed that since D3 was so busy scooting to and from Wally, he actually got faster at crawling and improved his pull up skills in one weekend! i guess dogs are good for something!

the next weekend saw the postponed RR fireworks show on fri. and so i had to work the event afterall. all went well and everyone enjoyed them. Ben and i left that sat for a quick trip up to his cousin's house in forney, tx. Adam and his wife Jamie live there with their 9 month old Ava. Ben's other cousin Paul from NYC was visiting as well, so we all had a good time catching up. Forney has really grown since my last visit a few years ago! Ben's cousins have a beautiful house and little Ava was a sweetheart!! she looks like her mom, but has the activity level of her dad. we got her this little frilly outfit from target.


if that's not enough car time, the next weekend we drove back to the metroplex to visit with my parents and family. my mom's cousins from Kansas stopped in to the FN Ranch on their way down to S. Padre Island. it was really great to see them, it's been almost 7yrs. since Ben and I saw them!!! the farming life doesn't leave a lot of time for vacation. we had a good time and had some great food at Joe T's in downtown fort worth.

the "mean farmer"

cousins from kansas

janet the farmers wife

yesterday we did some work around the house which included power washing the driveway and sidewalks and we painted the front door a lovely dark looks fantastic!



that was a lot of travel!! luckily wally got to travel with us to the FN Ranch and got some good pasture running in. as our final weekend in July closes, we are clean and resting after a good morning down at town lake on the trail. hope everyone had a good july, here's to a happy august!!


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