Sunday, October 4, 2009

wine: phase II

well, it's a tad overdue but here is the second phase of the wine making process. we started with the grapes we crushed 7 days before (possibly too long...maybe 5 days of fermentation would have worked as the juice is pretty dry) regardless, there was plenty of juice coming out of the grapes!

we pour the grapes in batches into the wine press and turn the handle to press out every last drop of juicy goodness from the grapes.
in total, we got about 15 gallons of liquid from the pressings. we even re-pressed the grapes, which i highly reccommend as that yielded another gallon or so. we poured the liquid into the glass jugs through a sieve to strain out any bits that escaped.

wally helped with the whole thing, supervising from the patio :)

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