Wednesday, December 12, 2012

So, mum has decided that while she adores and loves me to itty bitty pieces she’s just not cut out for this “100 Days of Wally” business (even though it was HER idea) and so at day 56 (which was quite a while ago!) she ended her daily camera clicking. However, as every blogger claims, she does promise to post more frequently :)

On to today’s newsworthy item. It’s 12-12-12!!! We just wanted to wish you all a lucky and prosperous day on this numerically balanced day!!

It’s sunny and in the upper 50’s here in Austin and when mum came home for her afternoon chow she played some fetch with me and snapped these pics.


I kind of blend in to the grantite mum! Where did my body go?!?!?


Have a great day every-puppy!!


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