Sunday, April 15, 2012

Holy Moley It's April!

hello bloggy friends...all 3 of you!
since it is four months into the new year, mum has decided it's time to take down the Christmas themed header and put up a more spring-y looking one. February has been a good month to all of us, mum had her birthday and we all celebrated the presidents birthdays too! Who doesn't need a 3-day weekend to celebrate Washington and Lincoln?!?!
mum and HER mum and sister celebrated with a fancy schmancy afternoon high tea and also went to see some actor types at Wicked (which was very good! thanks sister!!)



Mum and I went to the best doggie park in central Tx and after I got SUPER muddy and wet and full of miscelanious twigs and grass pieces she promptly sat me in the shower at home and washed my fuzzy magnificense clean! Such is the life during a heat wave in Febrary...80 degrees...really?!!

sometimes what mum thinks is hilarious is not really so...see my expression?!


On the longest-bathroom-tile-renovation-ever front, it was completed before mum's birthday. It's a dream to shower in, I should know, it's where I bathe as well.
here i am supervising..

but then the pinkies decided i was "in the way" and blocked me from the construction site!! the nerve.


But they eventually finished and it looks really 'pawsome'. Mum even got a new curtain for it...on sale of course!



March was uneventful, besides the warm weather, me and the pinkies played outside a lot and generally had a low-key time. can't believe it's already April.
where does the time go??
I'll leave you with some shots of me on my new "bed" that I have taken first the pinkies fought it with putting some objects of large size in the "bed" when they left the house, but then they gave up. I WON!!!

this face has zero remorse showing!!


perfect napping position and for gazing out to the back of the "estate".


hope your Easter Holiday was full of family and love.

This is what mum gets for leaving plastic goodness out and about in my roaming area...

Yeah, it tastes like chicken...

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