Thursday, September 9, 2010

did that car just float by????

well, we haven't completely been swept away down here in central Texas!
after torrential rains from tropical depression Hermine, we have lots of destruction to deal with! at villa debellis, we received at least 10 inches. other parts of austin and surrounding areas report 12+ inches. crazy! luckily our little neighborhood fared well and we have no damage...thank goodness!


all this rain has caused one big fluffy aire-head great displeasure...he is not toO keen on going outside to do his business in the rain. (he finally "went" when it was more than he could bear) i think these pics show his opinion of t.s. Hermine....


IMAG0130's some stink eye for you!!!

anyway, back to the flooding and destruction...
here are some pics of some of our parks in Round Rock that are much worse for wear.


we lost some asphalt at a few of our parks...


this was a storage barn, as you can see the water just ripped into it.


this is a GIANT pecan tree that totally flattened that poor little bench! our arborist said it was 2" wider in circumference than their largest saw. that sucker was big!


at our memorial park our WWII torpedo display was basically dismantled by the floods...the torpedo was busted out of its concrete cradle and went as far as it could before the trees stopped its journey...if not for the trees it might have floated on down to some other town! i am saddened by this picture, our vets worked really hard to get the torpedo and have it restored and it's only been on display since last fall.


while these photos show some pretty big obstacles, we will clean up and patch and repair!

hope everyone has a great weekend.
bark at ya later!



  1. Hermine sure wasn't very nice. At least you guys are safe! We don't like to go out and pee and poo when it's wet either, Wally. We make mom hold an umbrella over our heads to keep us dry! We have her trained real good!

    Love ya lots
    Maggie and Mitch

  2. waiting for a swedish episode....