Monday, April 12, 2010

Spring Comes

in the greatest of Texas traditions, watching the spring bluebonnets bloom are at the top of the list. people pull off roads to take pictures of thick carpets of the flowers. (a hazard when people pull off of major highways...that's another story)
needless to say, the hunt for the perfect spot for taking pictures can be exhausting. luckily, my pinkie dad rides bikes every weekend and paused long enough to notice some nice thickets.
upon learning the where-abouts, my mum promptly dragged us out of the house early saturday morning and proceeded to interrupt my walk with her "photo shoot".
and really, how handsome do i look in this picture?!?!!!

it was torture sitting there, so mum had to "restrain" me and dad decided he would take up the picture taking...


luckily we got some walking in on this adventure...

check out my rugged "mountain" skills...

i'm about tired of all these pics mum is here's my glum face.

until the next time folks. have a wonderful spring week.

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