Monday, February 15, 2010

no longer in my 20s :(

well, it happened...i turned 30.
now i don't technically look that old nor do i feel that old--yet. people mistake me for being younger all the time and i still get carded at the grocery store and sometimes at restaurants. so i'm safe for time being :)
celebrations started at work with my office all wearing stovepipe hats (my birthday happens to be Abe Lincoln's as well) and singing happy birthday to me!!! it was so hysterical, especially at 8 in the morning. then we had breakfast tacos followed by a delicious chocolate cake with Abe's likeness on top. (pics to come...)
after work i pampered myself with many girly indulgences and then met up with friends for a surprise dinner. good food, and fun times catching up.
hangover in the morning :)

...but wally made me feel better, well enough for a family pose...

thanks everyone for the birthday wishes!! love to all.

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